Solar System Builder

Early look at some visual wireframes for an online learning game. Object is to introduce some of the concepts behind astrophysics. Metrics include assigning values to planetary bodies such as planet diameter, gravity, distance from sun among others. Create interactions with other users and crash meteors into their planets!

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  1. Guilherme

    Onde encontra o programa (site)?

  2. Guilherme

    what the website johnfass?

  3. Guilherme

    Eu quero o site mas pelo menos fala onde é?

  4. Guilherme


  5. Guilherme

    Please, please. speak the website for I play I wait the website is fun. : * (

  6. Guilherme

    hey, hey, hey, hey, hey please speak the website 2011 2012 2013

  7. Guilherme

    I waiting but I want play the site bye-bye I enconter you tomorrow

  8. Guilherme

    Onde era? o link eu ví sua imagem em se não ter a pagina é que eu não sei digitar este site mas fala onde era!

  9. See my comment above from Jan 16. Site is now inactive pending further development.

  10. Guilherme

    But what I what the website link. for I go to the site understand?

  11. Hi there

    There is no website as this project is dormant until I can find someone clever enough to help me with all the maths!

  12. m

    Has this project died off? Shame, looked very cool

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