moti roti

Just finished design and build on this site for London arts organisation moti roti. They’ve been at the forefront of creative projects involving recent immigrants and asylum seekers for over 20 years. The new site prioritises customer engagement, tries to demonstrate new ways of raising funding and showcase the global relevance of what moti roti do. At the same time the site provides a platform for the wide variety of rich content they produce. Whole site is in Drupal which has been a revelation in its flexibility and ability to plug in things like the Storify widget, configurable slideshows, granular scrolling etc. The main design principle has been to keep visually quiet, let the moti roti content come through and diffuse a highly textured view of the organisation and its activities using multiple online distribution channels. Accessibility has been important and site will be fully translated at a later date. I did all the information architecture, interaction design, user interface and graphic design on this one.


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