Just finished working on this application. BodyTrack is a CREATE Lab project from Carnegie Mellon University run by the brilliant Anne Wright and Fluxtream a start up run by Candide Kemmler. Both applications attempt to aggregate personal measurement readings such as sleep quality, exercise, food intake, calories consumed, weight etc. All these metrics are delivered by different devices with very diverse data standards making the aggregation task highly complex. BodyTrack allows you to explore relationships between different data sets and scale the timeline from milliseconds to decades reading down the graph. My job was to design the interface and interactions for the new integrated online solution in a way that minimises learning and brings the data forward in engaging and obvious ways. Fluxtream is more diaristic and builds up a picture of personal behaviour easily visible on a clock face.. Some careful balancing of technical possibility and user experience requirements informed the decision making and the project was launched at OSCON 2012 as an open API platform.



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  2. Get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss @johnfass. There’s some good info on the OSCON pages

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