Cultural Brokerage

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Signed off on this website this week. It has been a fascinating project working with cultural diplomat Colin Hicks. Colin’s work consists of facilitating a wide range of connections and conversations across government, music, performance, policy, and business. He is the human catalyst in a complex arrangement of interests and initiatives. I’ve never met anyone so well connected and so passionate about the power and importance of culture in society and the world.

We adopted the metaphor of a radio station as what Colin really does is participate in and curate conversations between individuals and organisations – he puts people together then stands back to create the space for collaboration and invention. Giving the radio metaphor meaning in this context meant thinking about how people tune into voices they find interesting, how to communicate that quality both interactively and visually and how to configure all the content Colin generates in a useful communicative arrangement. I did all the information architecture, interaction design, user interface for this one.

Portrait by the brilliant Rebecca Pierce


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