Behaviour scripts

How can airports reassure travellers and other airport users, while at the same time deter those with mal-intent?

Airport security is often expressed in terms of theatre and performance, with emphasis on how to get people to behave in a security compliant manner. This research project developed a collection of behaviour scripts, a flexible toolkit that enables staff to guide and assist travellers in a wide variety of scenarios and contexts. Cultural difference was an important consideration along with a profound understanding of the rhythms of security screening and how both staff and travellers relate to eachother in the security context. I decided to show the work as a series of comic strips for a number of reasons. The iconic abstraction cartoons are so good at allows interpretation to be non-specific and conclusions to be drawn across a wider canvas. The narrative element of the comic strip emphasises the time based nature of security procedures and how they evolve over time. Finally, juxtaposing panels lets me show how there is a huge diversity of security moments, people are different and they are also different at various times and in various places.

Airport research poster

Airport security 11


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